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DVTI encourages the drone, autonomous vehicle, and cybersecurity industries to leverage the many physical and human resources in the Diablo Valley.

Image by Bertrand Bouchez

Promoting drone, AV, and cybersecurity tech

The goal for the Autonomous Valley Project is to put the Diablo Valley “on the map” for autonomous vehicle testing, maintenance, and security. 

Just as Silicon Valley was able to attract a cluster of microchip developers in the mid-20th century, Diablo Valley can make a similarly prescient investment by attracting autonomous vehicle companies to this area. The Diablo Valley Tech Initiative sees an opportunity for the Diablo Valley to be synonymous with AV and cybersecurity. 

The Diablo Valley already invests in technical training programs that meet the needs of a future Autonomous Valley. For example, Diablo Valley College (DVC) offers two drone technology certificates that prep students for the FAA remote pilot exam. Los Medanos College (LMC) also offers a drone piloting program. In addition to drone tech, LMC offers a warehouse logistics and operations certification course that directly addresses the economic development needs in the northeastern county.


Additionally, DVC and LMC both provide multiple computer networking and security courses designed to help students pass industry certification exams. These courses will address security needs created from having autonomous vehicles on land and in the sky.

The Diablo Valley contains many assets, both natural and developed, that make it a prime location for autonomous vehicle testing and development. It also is becoming a distribution hub for the entire Bay Area, as Amazon and other online retailers move into huge warehouses along the northern and eastern borders of Diablo Valley.

Other resources include:

  • Two county-owned regional airports

  • GoMentum Station, the largest private AV testing facility in the country

  • The Concord Naval Weapons Station with 5,200 undeveloped acres

  • Nothern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative, offering new economic opportunities near the bay

  • New logistics centers where Amazon and others are already moving in and potential sites for drone hives

DVTI can support with regional marketing and organization efforts to consolidate these assets and efforts into a single "Autonomous Valley" vision for the Diablo Valley. 

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