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How to prepare college graduates for a post-covid economy

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

There's no denying that the pandemic has changed the ways we work and learn.

Labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies has released a new paper about the impact on the job market for recent college graduates. In a 2018 study, they found that the first job after graduation is "critical to holding positions years later that are appropriately matched to a college-level education."

Since many students see a college education as a pathway to a job, colleges have to adapt and innovate their career programs to reflect the drastic shift towards remote and digital work. The authors suggest that "institutions should begin now to ready their students for a job market that will be stuck in neutral for several years and a reshaped workforce that is likely to emerge later this decade."

The massive shift in the job market arrived as automation and artificial intelligence threaten many entry-level jobs once available to recent graduates. The authors offer practical steps institutions can take to meet the challenge of this new economy.

You can read the paper in its entirety here:

Good Jobs in Bad Times
Download PDF • 2.48MB



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