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Meeting Minutes - 1/9/20

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Minutes from the general meeting held on January 9, 2020

DVTI Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2020 3-5pm

Norseman Restaurant

Present: Beth Arman, Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, Jena Domingue, Catherine Franco, Vickie Gordon, Joellen Heaney, Jay Hoyer, Ardalan Moazeni, Brian Nunnally, Carlyn Obringer, Jeffrey Smith, Jennifer Tejada, Mario Tejada, Donna Van Wert


Jim opened the meeting at 3:04 pm with introductions.

Focus of the meeting was developing a mission statement.


  • Collaboration

  • Education/Training

  • Incentive

  • Leverage Resources

  • Dignity of Work

  • Quality Jobs – dignity of work, life-sustaining wages, benefits, etc.

  • Sustainability

  • Quality of Life

  • Joint Marketing

  • Internships

Ryan’s mission statement idea was edited & chosen as the DVTI Mission Statement:

  • The Diablo Valley Tech Initiative will understand and promote the conditions that equip our community in cultivating and benefitting from a thriving tech business sector in the Diablo Valley.

Continued Group Focus:

  • Economic development, helping existing Diablo Valley business clusters to grow, creating an association/connection between tech and innovation and the Diablo Valley

  • Look for partners to assist with marketing (Diablo Magazine?)

  • Plan conference for entire Diablo Valley to present survey results

  • Bring K-12 school districts to the table

  • Will begin work on a vision statement incorporating the term “placemaking,” and emphasizing the diversity (inclusion) of the Diablo Valley.

  • Slack is the new platform for the group to communicate, share ideas, etc. Please begin learning how to navigate.

  • The website was updated with industry data from Crunchbase. It was suggested that the website name be changed to Please use Slack for future website ideas.

Future Meetings:

  • Meetings will be more focused and will include select members depending on agenda items.

  • Meetings will be held in the Norseman for the rest of the year.

  • Will send weekly reminders.

  • Next meeting is February 6th. Agenda items include vision statement, survey update, website update.

Meeting adjourned at 4:13

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