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Meeting Minutes - 10/1/20

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Minutes from the general meeting held on October 1, 2020

DVTI Meeting

October 1, 2020

Present: Beth Arman, Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, Joe Gorga, Jeanette Green, Joellen Heaney, Olivia Herriford, Jags Krishnamurthy, John Matthesen, Brian Nunnally, Mani Veluthakkal


Ryan opened at 3:05 with introductions:

  • Mani Veluthakkal, CEO of Nirveda Cognition

  • Olivia Herriford, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, for ICT Digital Media Sector

Approval of minutes from last meeting:

  • Motion: Beth; Second: Jeanette; Unanimous

Public Comment: None

Chair Report:

  • Ryan met with several local groups on economic development in the Diablo Valley:

  • There is a need to focus on improving tech sector presence in the area.

  • Why aren’t there more venture capital firms? Either need a few marquee large tech firms or a concentration of smaller ones. Ed can help us understand what the Diablo Valley can do to attract large companies post-COVID.

  • There needs to be an intersection of Workforce development and housing. Need affordable housing close to downtown for younger tech employees.

  • Concord officials have compiled detailed commercial real estate data for a broad scope of buildings in Contra Costa county and Concord. They produced an overall projection report for the 20/21 job market that outlines classes and services employers are looking for, broken down by salary ranges, positions, etc. Jeanette will forward the information to the group.

  • Employers are looking for Python experience. DVC offers two Python classes: CS140 (beginning); CS240 (advanced). Can take standalone or as part of the AS. A certificate in Python programming is being proposed for the next academic year.

  • Louisville is providing COVID 19 reskilling: free programs to rebuild skills (digital marketing, data analysis, software engineering, etc.).

Standing Items:

  • Roster Changes –removed Jena; and added Mani and Olivia.

  • Bylaws Changes – removed Jena; and added Mani and Olivia.ining a quorum to be at least seven members vs. the majority of members. Decisions will be made a majority vote.

    • Beth motion; Jeanette 2nd; unanimous.

  • Affiliation Updates:

    • Bay ICT (Olivia): Affiliation makes sense because Bay Area Community Consortium’s main role is workforce development. ICT (tech, digital media, etc.) partners with employers, industry WFD, community industries, and educators.

    • Unanimous vote to accept this affiliation.

    • Lamorinda Entrepreneurs: Group of about 300 business owners - not currently tech-focused, but want to move in that direction. Ryan will get the survey out to them next week. This group would attend DVTI business events.

  • Unanimous vote to accept this affiliation.

Standing Committees:

  • John suggested forming four committees: Business Outreach, Worker Outreach, Resource Outreach, and Marketing and Content.

  • The biggest need now is information gathering (hiring obstacles both from workers’ and employers’ points of view).

  • Marketing committee could assign a “content manager” who would learn Wix and post-meeting notes, relevant DVC courses/other learning opportunities, etc. on the website.

  • There may be an advantage to forming only two committees – Marketing and Business Outreach being the most urgent.

  • Ryan, Jags, and John will meet and discuss the benefits of forming committees.

Adjourned 3:59 pm

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