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Meeting Minutes - 10/6/22

Minutes from the general meeting held on 6th October 2022

DVTI Meeting

October 6th, 2022

Present: Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, George Carter, Ed DelBeccaro, Jeanette Green, Alyson Greenlee, Alex Greenwood, Joellen Heaney, Derek Knapp, Jags Krishnamurthy, John Matthesen, Zach Seal, Charlie Shi, Marie Suvansin, Gordon Zagar

Jags opened the meeting at 3:00 pm.

- Approval of September 1, 2022 Minutes: Motion: Ed; 2nd: John; Unanimous

- Public Comments (Ed): We need to reach out to economic development directors to let them know the importance of being part of this group.

Jags introduced the new DVTI Leadership Team:

  • Jags Krishnamurthy – Chair

  • John Matthesen – Vice Chair

  • Alex Greenwood – Vice Chair

Future of Diablo Valley – 2022 Conference Recap:

  • 60+ Tickets Sold

  • 50+ Participants Attended

  • 10 Sponsors

  • 9 Speakers

  • We are compiling information and videos and will have a more detailed recap then.

  • Overall, the event was a huge success with great speakers and excellent engagement.

  • Event should be bigger to bring more engagement. We should get 100 attendees next time and add 10% at each subsequent conference. We can use students, community partners and social media to get a larger audience.

  • Maybe opening the doors at 8:00 am for an 8:30 start time was too early. Next time could open doors at 8:30 am and start at 9:00 am.

  • The energy seemed lower in the afternoon. Maybe start networking after lunch vs. end of day.

  • Event could be 10:00 am – 3:00 pm and on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Four to five hours is more manageable. Holding it later in the semester would be easier – maybe the early November.

  • Maybe have fewer panels and more workgroups for problem solving. Should cover one topic and hold the conference twice per year.

  • Diablo Magazine will post pictures from the event to their social media pages.

  • Jags posted on social media throughout the event. Might create a page specific to DVTI to build a community.

  • Derek offered to help get the word out to bring in more people.

  • County Workforce Development and SBDC should attend next time.

- Future of Diablo Valley 2022 Conference Budget:

  • Jags provided rough figures from the budget showing $7,525 in revenue and $6,000 in expenses. More exact information to follow. Might want to raise ticket prices as we have more expenses to cover.

  • We haven’t received all of the donations that were committed to. When making a donation, please include “DVTI Conference” in the check’s memo line. Let Jim know if you need the letter or tax id.

  • Jim and Beth will connect to ensure that the Foundation receives the donations.

· DVTI Goals for the Future:

- DVTI – What Does Success Look Like?

  • 3 new large businesses enter Diablo Valley

  • 400 jobs converted locally

  • 100 new jobs added

  • 300 new students ready for the workforce

Jags and Alex discussed the employment base and measuring our progress over time. There is good work being done to characterize growth opportunities in our region; we should tap into those resources.

Possible Metrics:

  • Number of jobs

  • Aggregate payroll or average salary

  • Number of companies

  • Amount of investment

  • Leasing indicators

Industry Sectors and Subsectors

  • Studied county wide data to find biggest growth industries and their subsectors


  • Expand the area

  • Identify growth areas and those growing organically

  • Discussion will continue at the next meeting.

· Adjourned: 4:01 pm

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