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Meeting Minutes - 3/3/22

Minutes from the general meeting held on 3rd March 2022

DVTI Meeting

March 3, 2022

Present: Beth Arman, Colleen Award, Rebecca Barrett, Ryan Buckley, Robert Carrera, George Carter, Amalia Cunningham, Vicki Gordon, Jeanette Green, Alex Greenwood, Espe Greenwood, Joellen Heaney, Jags Krishnamurthy, Bob Linscheid, John Matthesen, Juan Munoz, Carlyn Obringer, Robert Phelps, Melissa Rea, Jennifer Schmitz, Angela Tsui, Linsey Willis, Gordon Zagar


Ryan opened the meeting at 3:04 pm.

  • Approval of February 3, 2022 Minutes: Motion: Vickie; 2nd: Jags; Unanimous

  • Public Comment: None

  • iHub2 RFP Update (Ryan):

    • OSBA declined our application, but now we have a template to use for new grants.

    • Have partners in BayICT, Walnut Creek and Concord Chambers, EBLC, ESO Ventures, USC CIDER

  • Tech Sales Class Update (Ryan):

    • 28 Enrolled

    • 24 Attended

    • Guest speakers for the first hour of each class; two speakers so far

    • Level of student diversity we were looking for

    • Lots of interaction

    • Students have reached out after the class with positive feedback.

  • Concord Life Science Center Presentation (Juan Munoz):

    • CLSC is a business incubator for start-up life science companies.

    • Biotech start-up companies that have resided in life science incubators are more successful than business that stand alone. An incubator can transform a 90% failure rate into an 88% success rate for companies.

    • By providing a ready-to-use lab with basic equipment and office space, we allow companies to speed up their product development. They can focus on science and let us handle the logistics.

    • Using our facility will help reduce start-up capital costs since they don’t have to buy basic equipment or make long-term lease commitments.

    • What do we Offer?

      • Laboratory suites to perform R&D studies for BioPharma, medical device or other life science-related companies

      • Private lab suites equipped with basic lab equipment and private office area

        • 4 flexible lab suites to be used for microbiology, tissue culture, molecular biology or chemical testing

        • 2 future lab suites for chemical or microbial use

      • Lab support common areas are equipped with additional equipment that tenants share

    • Goal:

      • Our goal is to help startup life science companies succeed and grow in Concord.

      • Eventually, Concord can create a science-based industrial park for Biottech, pharma and medical device companies. These companies pay high wages that will enhance Concord and Contra Costa’s economy.

      • Local universities and colleges need to enhance their current curriculum to focus more on science to bring companies a larger pool of science-educated workforce and interns.

    • Bay Area Science Incubators:

      • Qb3 – Mission Bay, UC Berkley, SF, West Berkeley, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz

      • UC Berkeley SkyDeck – Berkeley

      • JLABS – South San Francisco

      • MBC BioLabs – SF and San Carlos

      • IndieBio – SF

      • Illumina Accelerator – Foster City

      • Y Combinator Accelerator – SF

      • Joinn – Richmond

      • Berkeley BioLabs – Berkeley

  • DVTI Conference:

    • Objective: Every attendee goes home with new contacts that will be actionable towards getting companies to locate in the region.

    • Draft Agenda:

      • 9am-9:50am: Coffee and mixer

      • 10am-10:50am: Welcome remarks & industry speaker

      • 11am-11:50am: Panel

      • 12pm-1:30pm: Lunch keynote

      • 1:30pm-2:pm: Networking break

      • 2:pm-2:50pm: Speaker or panel

      • 3pm-3:50pm: Closing keynote

      • 4pm-5:30pm: Networking

    • Bob: Need to narrow some of the speakers. Should focus on sectors that the Bay Area Council identified:

      • Biotech / Life Science

      • Prototyping / Advanced Manufacturing

      • Cybersecurity / Drones / Autonomous Vehicles

      • Food Tech / Ag Tech

    • John: Adding a speaker who is a futurist could add a flair that might resonate.

    • John: Should plan some enforced networking so we can meet useful and actionable people.

    • Amalia: A half-day with focused panels may be better. Ryan will consider a half-day vs. a whole day.

Adjourned: 4:02 pm

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