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Meeting Minutes - 4/7/22

Minutes from the general meeting held on 7th April 2022

DVTI Meeting

April 7, 2022

Present: Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, Kevin Cabral, Nichol Carranza, Robert Carrera, George Carter, Ed Del Beccaro, Vicki Gordon, Jeanette Green, Alex Greenwood, Joellen Heaney, Jags Krishnamurthy, Bob Linscheid, John Matthesen, Carlyn Obringer, Robert Phelps, Melissa Rea, Fernando Rodriguez, Marie Suvansin, Gordon Zagar


Ryan opened the meeting at 3:02 pm.

  • Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion: Carlyn; 2nd: Jeanette; Unanimous

  • Public Comments:

    • Nichol: The environmental impact review on renewable fuels is complete and has been approved by the Planning Commission. It is on its way to the Board of Supervisors for final approval.

  • Incubator Update: Beth has been compiling questions to keep DVTI up to date with information on incubators in our region.

  • Tech Sales Class Update:

    • Seven out of 12 classes have been held with 20-21 students in each class.

    • Ryan has been reaching out to tech companies in the area, and five are interested in hiring the students: BrightPattern, Textmunication, Khacreation, In Touch POS, and Aspireship.

    • Ryan will work with students on their resumes to forward to businesses and will develop a “resume bank.”

  • DEKRA Presentation (Fernando Rodriguez Pons, VP Strategic Development Product Testing Americas):

    • EV/EVSE Testing and Certification: your global partner for a safe, connected world on the roads, at work, and at home

    • Offer a broad service portfolio including qualified and independent expert services in more than 60 countries.

    • Focus Areas:

      • Future Vehicle & Mobility Services

      • Information and Cyber Security Services

      • Remote Services

      • AI and Advanced Analytics

    • We offer:

      • Vehicle Inspection: Periodic and non-periodic technical testing and systematic emission tests for a variety of vehicles

      • Claims & Expertise: Automotive and non-automotive claims services, vehicle appraisal and management services

      • Product Testing: Test and certify a wide range of products such as consumer, industrial, medical, automotive, and ICT products through a global network of state-of-the-art laboratories

      • Industrial Inspection: Full service for building, facility, machinery, and infrastructure inspection, including material testing and inspection.

    • Concord Lab:

      • Funds will be poured into installing charging stations all over the state, including $7 or $8B devoted to EVs and expanding charging stations. California will be at the forefront in the US for testing. We continue to look for ways to meet sustainability challenges and help with climate change.

      • We will hire and train local people and will serve local entrepreneurial organizations. Can work with DVTI to recruit technicians to do testing. We have many highly educated electrical and mechanical engineers on board but will need more people. Also plan to do EV charging station testing, etc., so maybe looking for other skill sets.

      • Currently have a relationship with Tesla. Ryan will arrange an introduction with Gomentum.

    •; Cell: 949-735-4781

  • DVTI Conference:

    • Will be Friday, September 30th, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm in the Diablo Room at DVC. Decided on a modular program focusing on two separate industries: Food Tech / Ag Tech in the morning, and Biotech / Life Science in the afternoon. Guests can attend one or both.

    • Each module opens with keynotes, then panel discussion, then open discussion. Plan to standardize the format going forward in order to see increased attendance.

    • Working to prepare materials and secure panel and keynote speakers. If anyone comes to mind, please send names to Ryan and Jim.

    • Ryan will follow up with Carlyn to connect with Elaine Schroth from Visit Concord as an attendee or a speaker. Alex will reach out to Ryan with additional names.

Adjourned: 3:53 pm

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