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Meeting Minutes - 5/4/2023

Minutes from the general meeting held on 5th May 2023

DVTI Meeting

May 5th, 2023

Present: Jared Asch, Rebecca Barrett, George Carter, Alyson Greenlee, Alex Greenwood, Collette Hanna, Joellen Heaney, Derek Knapp, Jags Krishnamurthy, Jags Krishnamurthy, John Matthesen, Michael Nathan, Alejandra Sanchez, Marie Suvansi

Meeting opened at 3:00 pm.

Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes: Motion: John; 2nd: Alyson; Unanimous

Public Comments: None

  • Presenter: Jared Asch, Walnut Creek Shadelands PBID

    • About 70 different property owners make up the PBID.

    • Research:

      • Researched and compared 17 office parks and PBID’s (CA, FL, TX, GA, MA & UK)

      • Searched more than 25 sports mall/sports comparison locations and identified 8 to use for research

      • Conducted interviews with most of the PBID members, several tenants and neighbors in the community

      • Compared amenities, surrounding locations and identified our strengths and missing gaps

      • Shared results and discussed key areas including some recommendations

      • Next week we will approve a plan for branding exercise for the park to create cohesive message for the buildings.

      • Discuss with the city a 90-day fast track approval process for businesses in the Shadelands


  • More medical space/flex space

  • More potential senior care facilities

  • Height

  • Sidewalks

  • Signage


  • Reaching more customers outside of an 8-minute radius

  • Central theme to the park – health/wellness/fitness/senior care

  • Attracting more tenants

  • Wayfinding

  • Making multiple stops

  • Look at an AUP process versus a CUP process

  • Create a check list for approvals that avoid city committees

  • Reduce building restrictions

  • Make it profitable for the city

  • Strategic Plan:

    • Elements:

      • Branding/Marketing

      • Zoning

      • Energy Resiliencey/Redundancy

      • Security

      • Innovation-Partnership

      • EV Charging

      • Broadband

      • Other

Next Steps:

  • Convene marketing/events/branding and wayfinding committee to compose the plan

  • Solicit proposals for a re-brand and joint marketing strategy

  • Bring together key marketing people for a meeting

  • Create a budget based on proposals for long-term marketing

Energy Resilience/Redundancy: How do we proceed?

  • Form a Steering Committee (Kaiser, BASS, UCSF, Sports mall, Viamonte, etc.

  • The PBID would engage a consultant who has the experience in sizing a system.

  • Anyone who initially wants to participate would need to share their utility data.

  • An initial analysis will be done which can demonstrate the size of the system, how much money each company will save and have a preliminary design

  • Preliminary design and cost savings will be presented to those that shared utility data and as appropriate the PBID group.

  • Once we have an agreement in place, the smaller users will have the ability to determine if they want in initially.

Security - A shared concept exists:

  • Discuss this with the budgeting committee

  • Form a working group interested in this for input

  • Meet with the WCPD to take in their feedback first

  • Solicit an RFP

EV Charging:

  • Meet with Governor’s Office of Business Development to discuss potential grants and opportunities

  • Develop a Grant Strategy

  • Develop a plan to look at private companies that come in with advertising


  • Partnership with universities (East Bay State/St. Mary’s/UC Berkeley)

  • Working group including internal/external partners

  • Define vision and timeline

  • Develop two paths:

    • Pipeline to create jobs for medical space. Want to partner with DVTI on recruiting students in medical technology.

    • Attract entrepreneurs to start business in key health-science fields (Health Technology, Medical Engineering, Health Innovation, Research) by creating a research hub and innovation lab


  • John: How do you work with Walnut Creek on the AUP/CUP process? A: They have been a partner meeting with Gobiz on the EV charger. They will have a say in reviewing the RFP. The city brought 8-10 people together to meet on the CUP process. We have a good partnership. Terry Kilgore, who oversees economic development, is in the PBID. The city works with the business community to streamline the process of getting businesses. We want brokers to come to the PBID first, and we get the city and the Chamber together.

  • Alex: Is there a specific plan process so a potential business comes in, meets design criteria, and the entitlement process is mostly done? A: We want to have that conversation on day one as a group so it’s more of a partnership with us acting as a concierge service to help them get through the process. We work with the city to streamline the process.

  • Jags: How does office space in San Ramon, Concord compare with Walnut Creek? A: In comparison, the best PBID I’ve found is in downtown San Jose. Regarding residential office parks, we are 3.5 miles off the highway. We can’t compare directly to those. As far as office vacancy rates, downtown Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill have more occupancy in the downtown area vs. right at Bart. People can walk to amenities. Collette: Studies were commissioned on retail, medical and office space. Vacancy in downtown Walnut Creek is in the single digits. Proximity to Bart doesn’t translate to occupancy anymore. The key is proximity to downtown amenities.

Jared: Medical is doing very well at Shadelands; offices are struggling. One of our targets is to attract businesses that will go to the two cancer offices. Using the CUP vs. AUP should make for an easy transition.

  • Events: Please register and support.

    • START Manufacturing Ribbon Cutting: Tesla/Diablo Valley College Tuesday, May 9th, 2-4pm

    • Contra Costa County and The Inflation Reduction Act Conference: Thursday, May 18th

    • DVTI Conference 2023:

      • Subcommittee (we need more members; please email

        • John Matthesen

        • Alyson Greenlee / George Carter – DCD CCC

        • Teddy Swain – Tri Commercial

      • Key Areas:

        • Agenda Topics: John would like to include the government process; Michael suggested AI as a topic.

        • Marketing

        • Facilities

        • Speakers

        • Sponsors

        • Swag

  • Alex volunteered to get speakers and would like to have DVC students attend to hear what kind of work is available to them. John will talk to entrepreneurship group.

  • Michael suggested getting the UC’s involved? Jags will get contact names. John and Michael will discuss UC Berkeley.

  • Spring Conference:

    • Date: September 21st

    • Venue: Diablo Room

    • Agenda: Start at 9:30-10 / more breaks / 30-minute sessions

    • Speakers

MarketingSpring Conference:

  • Date: September 21st

  • Venue: Diablo Room

  • Agenda: Start at 9:30-10 / more breaks / 30-minute sessions

  • Speakers

  • Marketing

Adjourned 4:02 pm

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