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Meeting Minutes - 6/1/2023

Minutes from the general meeting held on June 1st 2023

DVTI Meeting

June 1, 2023

Present: Jared Asch, Jim Blair, Robert Carrera, George Carter, Ed Del Beccaro, Jeanette Green, Alyson Greenlee, Alex Greenwood, Theresa Hade, Joellen Heaney, Marc Hoag, Jags Krishnamurthy, Ricardo Noguera, Chami Perera, Josh Roden, Alejandra Sanchez, Marie Suvansin


  • Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion: Ed; 2 nd : Alex; Unanimous

  • Presenter: Chami Perera, COO EUV Tech, Martinez

o EUV Tech at a Glance:

  • Founded in Lafayette in 1997 and based out of Martinez since 2004.

  • Current global leader in at-wavelength extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography.

  • Present operations include 25,000 square feet of cleanroom manufacturing, 63 employees.

What is EUV Lithography?

  • EUV Tech’s metrology tools are required by semiconductor companies to manufacture next-generation, high-density transistors.

  • Transistors are a basic building block for microelectronics, and are key enablers for higher computing power, functionality, size, and power efficiency in consumer products.

  • Examples: iPhone, MacBook, Samsung Galaxy, Microprocessors, graphic cards, etc.

Market Role and Outlook:

  • Major Customers:

    • EUV Tech is the global leader for equipment in this field, and supplies tools found on manufacturing lines at major companies.

    • EUV Tech’s competition is limited to offshore companies in South Korea (eSOL, FST) and Germany (ZEISS, RI) that do not have access to significant government funding.

  • Product/Business Model:

EUV Tech produces a small number of high cost but highly specialized tools for its customers, with an additional focus on servicing the tools and refurbishment.

Why Are We Expanding?

  • Increased Demand:

    • Demand for sophisticated microelectronics products has increased dramatically and is set to continue to grow globally, especially in the US, through semiconductor onshoring efforts (CHIPS Act).

  • EUV Tech has expanded its product output by 700% since 2018 and expects an additional 200% increase will be necessary through 2024. This represents a parallel growth with our current customer base.

  • Retaining our Customer Base and Capitalizing on Growth Rate:

    • Major customers are making significant investments in North America and will require new EUV Tech products, which we are the current sole supplier of.

    • If EUV Tech cannot keep pace with the rate of their customers’ growth, these companies will turn to German, South Korean and other foreign competitors.

    • We have an opportunity to capture this increased market and grow a critical manufacturing asset in the East Bay.


  • There are lots of positions available (machine shop, engineering, etc.).

  • Q: What is the average salary of the workforce? A: $115,000 with good benefits and perks.

  • Q: Are there opportunities to attract suppliers/competitors to the Highway 4 corridor? A: We work with local machine shops and are looking at ways to have everything local. It’s hard to say if our ecosystem would support another company. I don’t know if we have the volume.

  • Q: Is your recruiting based on where are employees are living? A: 50% of our employees are within a 10-mile radius of our office (Antioch/Brentwood area, Vallejo, etc.). The commute is against traffic for most. Some relocated from the South Bay and San Jose.

  • Q: Do you use any websites for recruiting? A: We post on our website; our recruiter uses LinkedIn, Indeed and all job boards. We have good luck with Davis and Berkeley grads. We have trouble filling very highly specialized R&D and software jobs.

  • Q: Do positions require degrees or trade school certifications? A: We have a broad range of people. Some of the R&D employees are PhD’s. Some of the machinists are not high school graduates. Some in our apprenticeship programs have 1-2 years of college, some on the finance side have undergrad degrees and masters. We have an intern currently completing his degree. We work with the talent. The jobs are specific, so we do on the job training.

  • Q: Are you self-contained in Martinez? How about Walnut Creek, Concord, etc. A: Right now, we’re limited to this footprint and limited in what we can do with this facility, since we don’t own it. We are thinking about creative ways to grow and maybe locating somewhere else. We will have an R&D hub that could be open to us and industry and research partners.

  • Q: How we can replicate your success? A: We started as a shell and had constraints. I’m happy to host if you want to come for a tour.

  • Q: We are lucky to have you in our area. Regarding the status of the CHIPS Act, how is collaboration going? A: For our manufacturing expansions, the application comes out mid-June; the Washington team is working with us. We want to see state and local incentives before going to the feds. The City of Martinez and the county support us and help with our application. We had congressional support from Congressman Garamendi.

  • Contact info:

Public Comment (Theresa Hade, Sr. Program Coordinator, DVC Workforce Development & Career Education):

  • I support 13 CE programs with a focus on employer engagement. Each program has an Advisory Board that provides feedback on curriculum so we can prepare our students for the workforce. I also coordinate internships.

  • DVC is developing a partnership with IBM Skill Build on a Cyber Security certificate.

  • Goal: Launch an employer-valued, skills-based credential that individuals can use to gain entry-level roles or progress within existing roles to help underrepresented individuals gain access to entry-level jobs.

    • Training focused on professional skills, career skills & technical knowledge

    • Courses will consist of two 8-week sessions with a start date of Fall 2023

    • Focus on Feedback from Industry

    • Focus Group FAQs:

  • Theresa Hade: 925-969-2016

  • Recap of Events:

o Tesla ribbon cutting. Want to partner more companies with DVC.

o Contra Costa County & The Inflation Reduction Act Conference:

  • Successful with over 100 attendees

  • Great opportunity to engage

  • Feedback was positive

o Made in the Shade:

  • Sunday, June 25, 2023, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

  • Shadelands SportsMall, 2640 Shadelands Drive, Walnut Creek

  • $99 for Shadelands Tenants; $199 for non-Shadelands Tenants (based on availability)


o DVTI Conference 2023:

  • Subcommittee (

    • John Matthesen / Alex Greenwood – DVTI

    • Alyson Greenlee / George Carter – DCD CCC

    • Teddy Swain – Tri Commercial

    • Michael Nathan – Meritage Group

    • Diablo Room is reserved.

    • The Vacaville experience is one of the topics (Don Burrus).

  • Subcommittee to plan:

    • Date: Thursday, September 21, 2023

    • Venue: Diablo Room

    • Agenda: Start at 9:30-10:00 am / more breaks / 30-minute sessions

    • Marketing

    • Possible Speakers (theme is biotech / advanced manufacturing):

o Perera Chami

o Government reps

o We are meeting with the Bay Area Council to see if they can help.

o Alex has a list of life sciences & medical device companies to spotlight.

o Tesla

o East Bay EDA could lend us some speakers from their recent events.

o Buildings IOT and Cerus (Concord-based)

Adjourned: 4:10 pm

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