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Meeting Minutes - 6/2/22

Minutes from the general meeting held on 2nd June 2022

DVTI Meeting

June 2, 2022

Present: Beth Arman, Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, Nichol Carranza, Bob Carrera, George Carter, Amalia Cunningham, Ed Del Beccaro, Jeanette Green, Alex Greenwood, Joellen Heaney, Jags Krishnamurthy, Bob Linscheid, Carlyn Obringer, Tamar Osman, Robert Phelps, Melissa Rea, Kwame Reed, Marie Suvansin, Linsey Willis


Ryan opened the meeting at 3:03 pm.

  • Approval of May 5, 2022 Minutes: Motion: Bob Carrera; 2nd: Ed Del Beccaro; Unanimous

  • Public Comment: None

  • DVTI Leadership Succession (Ryan):

    • Every other year, on the first meeting after the first of September, the Chair and Vice Chair will be nominated by Members, or they may nominate themselves. The Chair and Vice Chair will be chosen by a majority of Members.

    • Ryan’s term is up: we will be nominating a new Chair and Vice Chair, each to serve two-year terms.

    • Chair Duties: Run meetings, Represent DVTI to the public, Interface with DVC and other stakeholders

    • Vice Chair Duties: Support Chair as needed, Assume Chair responsibilities as needed

    • We will have our election in September with open nominations. New leadership can be announced at the conference.

  • Conference Update:

    • Friday, September 30, 2022 in the DVC Diablo Room

    • Help Needed:

      • Biotech keynote and panel

      • Emcee

      • Breakout Plan

      • Literature and swag

      • Need 10 sponsors at $1,000 each (companies like Cerus in Concord could benefit from recognition as a sponsor).

    • Agenda:

      • Welcome: 8am-8:50am (Coffee and networking)

      • Drones & Autonomous Vehicles:

        • 9am-9:50am: Keynote

        • 10am-10:50am: Panel

        • 11am-1150am: Breakout

      • Lunch

      • Biotech & Life Sciences:

        • 1pm-1:50pm: Keynote

        • 2pm-2:50pm: Panel

        • 3pm-3:50pm: Breakout

      • Reception

    • Our keynote speaker for the morning session is Chris Anderson, COO at Kitty Hawk and founder of the robotics company they acquired. Was former Editor in Chief at Wired magazine, has written some bestselling books, and was a writer for The Economist.

    • We are still looking for a Biotech keynote, and both sessions need panels. Ryan is targeting women CEO’s for the Biotech keynote:

      • Jags will continue to reach out to Biotech contacts.

      • Jim suggested Jennifer Doudna, a professor at UC Berkeley who won a Nobel prize in Chemistry as coinventor of crisper technology for genome editing.

      • Carlyn and Marie suggested Cerus in Concord, since they have several women on their leadership team:

      • Beth recommended Sue Desmond Hellmann, former Chancellor of UCSF, former President of Product Development at Genentech.

      • Amalia will reach out to Innovation Tri-Valley for leads.

      • Alex will connect with Ryan and review names he provided.

      • Ed will reach out to Chris Mada at Excel Diagnostics in San Carlos.

    • Possible Master of Ceremony:

      • District Governing Board. There are two members from our region – we could have one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

      • Beth suggested Joe Gorga, new VP of Equity and Instruction. He has supervised Science programs at DVC and is an Oceanographer by trade.

      • Local elected officials should be recognized.

      • Maybe offer sponsors the opportunity to introduce the panels.

      • College president should welcome guests to the campus. Maybe the mayor of Pleasant Hill could welcome as well. One could open, and one could close.

    • Breakouts – Networking Opportunities:

      • The Planning Committee agreed that people who don’t see each other often need an opportunity to meet for a meaningful conversation. One-third of the event will be networking opportunities.

      • Could set up the Diablo Room with round tables and have breakouts within the tables. Need volunteers to announce the breakout sessions and propose a provocative question for the groups.

      • Could have a breakout table facilitator at each table taking notes and making sure people are engaged and conversing.

      • John, Ed and Beth volunteered.

    • Literature/Swag:

      • Pamphlets with speaker bios, sponsor logos; maybe pictures of alumni

      • Programs and signage directing people to the Diablo Room. Ryan will share a draft of a cartoon map.

      • Table with different types of swag: pens, notepads, protein bars, Future of Diablo Valley or DVTI mugs. Could offer swag promoting local business and offer discounts (paper or digital coupons).

      • Could have tables in the hallway going into the room for sponsors.

      • Maybe use the patio as an expo area

  • Conference Schedule:

    • June:

      • Finalize all speakers

      • Choose literature and swag

      • Update website

    • July (no meeting):

      • Finalize sponsors

      • Choose literature and swag

      • Update website

    • August:

      • Finalize sponsors

      • Order literature and swag

      • Begin tickets outreach

    • Ryan will communicate through email and update the website as we get major updates. Please let him know if you have any other ideas.

Adjourned: 3:57 pm

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