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Meeting Minutes - 6/3/21

Minutes from the general meeting held on 3rd June 2021

DVTI Meeting

June 3, 2021

Present: Matt Alfano, Beth Arman, Colleen Awad, Jim Blair, Steve Boyle, Ryan Buckley, Kevin Cabral, Ed Del Beccaro, Vicki Gordon, Tim Haile, Joellen Heaney, Jags Krishnamurty, Bob Linscheid, John Matthesen, Keith Miao, Carlyn Obringer, Charlie Shi, Jeffrey Smith, Jennifer Tejada, Mario Tejada, Linsey Willis


Ryan opened the meeting at 3:03 pm.

Approval of May 6, 2021 minutes:

  • Motion: Jennifer, 2nd: Mario; Unanimous

Public Comments:

  • SBDC: Although we originally decided against opening a center, we have decided to partner with CCC and make CCC and DVC satellite offices and SRC outreach centers. We have asked for letters of support and are working on a proposal. Beth will keep the group posted on the status.

  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority (Timothy Haile):

    • The public agency formed by voters to manage the county’s transportation sales tax program and transportation planning efforts.

    • Maintain and improve the county’s transportation system with critical infrastructure projects.

    • Managing partner of GoMentum Station, an autonomous vehicle testing site and unique opportunity for the hub of innovation.

    • Major capital projects (BART extension; Highway 4 extension; Ferry service from Richmond)

    • Local projects (programs to help youth/students; improvement of Iron Horse Trail; County Connection improvement)

  • Other Projects:

    • Electric Vehicle Readiness Implementation

    • Next Generation Shared Autonomous Vehicles

    • Automated Driving Systems Grant:

  • Rossmoor First Mile/Last Mile Shared Autonomous Vehicles

  • County Hospital Accessible Transportation

  • Personal Mobility on Interstate 680

  • Developed a draft “Accessible Transportation Strategic Plan” to explore more integrated transportation systems that make transit more efficient and attractive in the future.

  • Carlyn: City of Concord is selecting a new Master Developer for the former Naval Weapons Center project. We want to incorporate GoMentum and make it a world class project. John will draft a letter on behalf of DVTI to remind the Master Developer that this is critical. This project fits with the DVTI mission.

  • (Keith Miao):

    • Approved by FAA to operate unmanned, unsupervised aircraft at Byron Airport; background in remote sensing.

    • Founded Birdstop to fill a gap collecting highly detailed data at scale. Deployed throughout CA and the rest of the country to collect crop data. Early detection technology is important, as disease and pests destroy 20-40% of yield depending on the crop.

    • Started in agriculture – the team understands it well and can get valuable data for customers. Working on an earth observation tool that can be used by other industries that require observation.

    • DVC can partner with Birdstop on getting students the necessary training for internships and jobs. DVC has a great Engineering department and offers degrees and certificates in CNC Machining, Drone Technology, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, and Robotics.

    • Birdstop works in cutting-edge technology and needs a mix of manufacturing, data science, computer engineering, Robotics (testing, software). Could start with internships, then part-time jobs, then explore permanent roles. Beth will follow up with Keith.

    • AAA posted a summer internship at GoMentum:

  • Essential Aero Compliance Automation Systems (Steve Boyle):

  • The focus is on compliance inspections - making airports safer with automated aerial inspections and real-time analytics.

  • Quality of inspections is based on the training of inspectors. Can reduce the burden of compliance by 80%:

    • Automated collection of inspection data using drones

    • Seamless integration with existing workflow automation systems

    • Uniform quality and results independent of inspector ability

  • Core proposition: By machine, we can do visual inspections better than humans can.

  • Currently using the visual range, but working with the FAA on using GPS approaches for compliance inspections.

  • Working as an industry advisor for LMC‘s drone program.

No July meeting. Next meeting: August 5th.

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