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Meeting Minutes - 9/1/22

Minutes from the general meeting held on 1st September 2022

DVTI Meeting

September 1st, 2022

Present: Richard Ang, Jim Blair, Steve Boyle, Ryan Buckley, Nichol Carranza, George Carter, Juanita Davalos, Ed DelBeccaro, Jeanette Green, Alex Greenwood, Joellen Heaney, Lindy Johnson, Jags Krisnamurthy, Bob Linscheid, John Matthesen, Carlyn Obringer, Robert Phelps, Melissa Rea, Marie Suvansin, Gordon Zagar

Ryan opened the meeting at 3:03 pm.

Approval of Prior Minutes: Motion: Bob L; 2nd: Jim Blair; Unanimous

Public Comments: None

  • DVTI Leadership Election: Ryan reviewed the current bylaws with edits:

    • Chair:

      • 2-year term

      • Run meetings

      • Represent DVTI to the public

      • Interface with DVC and other stakeholders

      • Organize conference

    • Vice Chair:

      • 2-year term

      • Support Chair as needed

      • Assume Chair responsibilities as needed

    • Nominations for Chair:

      • Jim Blair and Ed DelBeccaro nominated Jags Krishnamurthy.

      • Jags accepted the nomination.

      • Motion to close nominations: Bob; 2nd: Nichol; Unanimous

    • Nominations for Vice Chair:

      • John Matthesen self-nominated.

      • Ryan nominated Alex Greenwood.

      • Alex accepted the nomination.

      • Carlyn will continue to support the group but not in a formal officer role.

      • Motion to close nominations:Carlyn; 2nd: Jags; Unanimous

  • Final Conference Update:

    • Friday, 9/30 in Diablo Room

    • Please buy your tickets at

    • Ryan reviewed the agenda edits. Program was shortened by 1.5 hours.

    • Suggestions:

      • Leave breakfast food out until lunch

      • Need wrap-up at the end (5 min - Jags or John)

      • Need welcome from DVTI (5 min - Jags or John)

      • Remove 1:30 – 1:45 break so people won’t leave

      • Proposed schedule accepted

  • Budget Update:

    • Revenue:

      • Sponsorships:

        • First Republic Bank: $1,000

        • Marathon Renewable Fuels: $1,000

        • Walnut Creek Chamber: $1,000

        • TRI Commercial: $1,000

        • Object Edge: $1,000

        • Zagar Consulting: $500

        • Crosspond Law: $500

      • Tickets:

        • 32 @ $25/ea: $800

      • Total: $6,800

    • Expenses:

      • Food & Beverage (100@$50/pp) $5,000 (est)

      • Swag (100@$10/ea): $1,000

      • Speaker Gifts (10@$50/ea): $500

      • Total: $6,000

  • Ryan will follow up with sponsors about swag and getting the word out about the conference.

  • Sponsor Question:

    • Martha Cosgrove has bowed out due to a work conflict, so there is a seat open. She had another suggestion for someone in San Francisco who invests in biotech and ag tech. Ryan will ask for an introduction.

    • Gordon can also get another panelist.

    • Cindy Fossouo would like to be on the panel and get the word out about what she sees in the Bay Area tech industry. It was decided that that wouldn’t do service to the Biotech panel, as there may be a focus on selling. Lindy, Gordon and Ryan will discuss off line.

  • Conference Lead Updates:

    • Design Lead (Jags): two-fold car, printed locally.

    • Interior Lead (Jags): working with Jim internally

    • Swag Lead (Jim): coaster set with DVTI logo; maybe a DVTI branded jump drive preloaded with conference materials. Nichol will provide branded pens and notebooks.

    • A/V Lead (Jim): Jim will get wireless mics. The room has a projector, drop down screen and computer. Jim and Jags will set up the night before.

    • Food Lead (John): John coordinating morning, lunch and reception with Culinary Arts.

Adjourned: 3:59 pm

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