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Impet Group Creative

For Profit

Concord, California, United States

Advertising, Design, Sales and Marketing, Software

Originally founded in Poland, Impet Group Creative has spent the last decade working with fantastic, inspirational brands and clients from around the globe. We’re not just another advertising agency. We’re a close-knit group of creatives with a passion for supporting brand and business growth through intuitive, cohesive marketing strategies and visually captivating designs. With a focus on branding, design for print and digital needs and custom development, our teams in San Francisco, California and Krakow, Poland create targeted, memorable experiences that engage and inspire. Thanks to our intimate, team-based organizational structure, we’re ideally positioned to efficiently respond to our clients’ unique advertising and marketing challenges–and we consistently deliver on our promises. After all, at Impet Group Creative, we design to deliver.

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