Bringing the to the Diablo Valley

The Diablo Valley is the perfect place to start, run, or join a technology company.

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Helping our valley take advantage of tech

The Diablo Valley Tech Initiative (DVTI) studies and promotes the initiatives that enable us to cultivate and benefit from a thriving tech sector.

  • Learn new skills

    Get the skills required to join a local tech company from any of our numerous public and private local colleges and universities.

  • Find a job

    Join a local tech company or find a remote telecommuting position and work from home so you can stop commuting and start enjoying the Diablo Valley -- throughout your work week.

  • Sign a lease

    Commercial rents in the Diablo Valley are 30% lower and far less onerous than typical rents in San Francisco, Oakland, or the peninsula.

  • Find employees

    The Diablo Valley is where many tech managers and senior executives already call home, and where a growing number of young people are starting their careers.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Diablo Valley?

We agree with this short description on Wikipedia, which places the "Diablo Valley" west/northwest of Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, California. It includes the cities north of Highway 24 and along the 680 artery of the East Bay.

How did the DVTI come about?

The DVTI began when a member of the Business Administration Department Advisory Board at Diablo Valley College asked an intriguing question: Why aren't there more tech companies based in the Diablo Valley? A committee was formed to look into it, and that committee became the DVTI.

Is the DVTI funded by Diablo Valley College (DVC)?

DVTI is a volunteer organization with a limited budget. DVC spends some Strong Workforce Program grant funds on DVTI because the interests are so well-aligned: promoting workforce and economic development within the Diablo Valley.

How can I join the DVTI?

Membership is open to anyone who wants to help us fulfill our mission! Contact us and we'll follow up to get to know you and learn how you'd like to contribute.

Where is the DVTI based?

The DVTI was formed at the Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill campus. It meets on this campus because it is centrally located at the heart of the Diablo Valley and DVC continues to be a major supporter of the initiative.

Who runs the DVTI?

The DVTI is a volunteer organization comprised of community leaders, elected officials, professors, administrators, and local community members, tech professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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