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Meeting Minutes - 12/5/19

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Minutes from the general meeting held on December 5, 2019

DVTI Meeting December 5, 2019

3:00 – 5:00 pm


Present: Beth Arman, Jim Blair, Ryan Buckley, Kevin Cabral, Dona DeRusso, Joellen Heaney, John Matthesen, Ardalan Moazini, Brian Nunnally, Carlyn Obringer, Andrea Ouse, Daniel Wick, Mariam Worsham


Jim opened the meeting at 3:10 with introductions.

Ryan demoed the website:

  • Built as a web app. Has “type-ahead” feature. DVC students could help with future design.

  • Need to stand out to tech companies vs. resembling a county website. Maybe should function as a start-up site? Need to brand Diablo Valley vs. considering it as part of the East Bay.

  • Could have an interactive user directory set up to search by city, industry or business name.

  • Maybe have users register, then collect data with a robust form.

  • Website content will cater to the DVTI audience. Target audience includes tech investors, executives, brokers/realtors, recruiters, Bay Area Council, Economic Development Alliance, etc.

  • CTA – call to action (newsletter), specific cities’ sites (marketing and lease listings), “hire our graduates/interns,” highlight conferences/conventions

  • Break down Diablo Valley vs SF vs Palo Alto vs Oakland: compare $/square feet, min lease, vacancies, maintenance. Could add a link “Why You Want to Move Here”

  • Marketing points: markets, restaurants, housing, open space, Napa/SF proximity, safety/cleanliness, employees - offices ($/square foot comparison), transportation, tourism, business travel. City sites to research TBD.

  • Education in the Diablo Valley has been problematic. Schools don’t make execs comfortable enough to move their families here. Maybe have a link to courses/programs offered at DVC.

    • Need to tackle the stigma of continuing education within community colleges. DVC should be known for Workforce Development instead of just as a transfer school.

  • Tech businesses have moved to higher rent areas because they couldn’t attract the workforce in the Diablo Valley. Need to elevate the message of the great work Workforce Development does. Maybe provide a link on the website: “Meet your Future Workforce” that shows DVC enrollment, student success stories, etc.

    • DVC is creating new courses to put employees in local jobs. Could host more job fairs; push conferences, distribute marketing materials.

    • Workforce Development has the funds to market DVC in order to recruit students. Maybe use more social media marketing techniques vs. TV commercials?

Future Meetings:

  • Will invite specific personnel depending on the meeting agenda.

  • Group focus: to create an environment attractive enough for tech firms to relocate to the Diablo Valley. What companies are currently here, what is their focus, why are they located here?

January action items:

  • Determine mission statement

  • Discuss action items for the year

  • Discuss program outcomes from DVC specific to tech-related workforce development

  • Think of more initiatives like Detroit Tech

  • Jim, Ardy and Ryan will work on Google docs or other shared site for the group to solicit and share ideas and action items for the year.

  • Will request feedback on mission statement and standing subcommittees. Please bring back three items to vote on at the January meeting.

February agenda ideas:

  • Mission orientation and action items from mission statement

  • Jim will hire campus vets to assist with the recipient list for the survey. List will be ready by February.

  • Focus on survey results in March. Will use data to inform conference, then will focus on the website.

Next meeting: January 9th, 2020, 3-5pm at the Norseman restaurant.

The meeting adjourned at 5 pm.

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