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DVTI organizes local stakeholders to identify creative strategies to come back stronger from the pandemic. 

Image by Ben Garratt

Preparing to bounce back stronger

Businesses are fleeing the Bay Area, especially San Francisco, and we want the Diablo Valley to organize a response to take advantage of this flight. All East Bay cities would benefit from a coordinated effort to attract these businesses before they leave the Bay Area — or the state — forever.

However, our cities and counties are focused on the problems today: collapse of the leisure and travel industry, soaring COVID infections, and school shutdowns. This is important, of course, but we need to also consider the opportunities: the Diablo Valley is more attractive to residents and businesses now than it was before the pandemic.

We need a coordinated effort to capitalize on this opportunity.

DVTI will organize targeted Zoom conferences to gather ideas about what we can do now to make Diablo Valley stronger after the pandemic. We will convene regional stakeholders: economic development officials, business owners, and elected leaders and facilitate a group brainstorm and discussion.


Topics may include:

  • Business taxes and fees

  • Commercial real estate zoning and processes

  • Education and workforce development

  • Restaurants and hospitality

DVTI will gather the perspectives and compile the notes into a policy paper that we'll distribute and present to the stakeholders who are needed to execute on it.


Ultimately DVTI will organize an annual conference where elected officials, planners, and economic development organizations come together to promote the tech industry and help our community benefit from it.

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