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Walnut Creek, California, United States

Internet Services, Media and Entertainment, Software

Gutensite is a California design firm that helps small businesses and non-profits build and manage brilliant websites. Gutensite’s intuitive CMS is the backbone of an affordable, full-service ecosystem that supports clients with strategy, design, development and ongoing website management. Gutensite was originally founded in San Francisco in 2002 as a boutique design firm and launched the beta version of their CMS in 2008 after years of learning what small businesses need. Gutensite is now scaling their platform and attracting other design agencies who need a great CMS and a technical partner to help them serve a wider client base. The Gutensite CMS is designed to provide the essential features that all websites need, as well as useful industry-specific functionality, while still being easy for non-technical publishers. Their CMS is optimized for building professional websites, and is not targeted for hobby website builders. The platform empowers Gutensite designers and other partner design agencies to craft memorable and engaging websites that streamline the administrative workflow and make it easy to maintain a professional web presence. Gutensite's roots as a design firm have shaped a simple control panel that empowers distributed content management roles without worrying about how the site will look, because the CMS protects the professional design so publishers can produce beautiful content with less effort. Gutensite's engaged support staff also take a proactive role in making sure clients' websites provide ongoing value and are optimized for specific conversion goals. Gutensite operates in a critical niche between two poles in the CMS market. It has the power, flexibility and scalability of an enterprise level CMS like Drupal and Concrete5, but the instant setup and easy to use features of hosted platforms like Squarespace and Wix. It comes with a full support ecosystem that makes it a plug and play option for small businesses who need a website that delivers a great return on investment. And it is hosted on a scalable framework that allows anything to be customized so that there is flexibility to grow as business needs change.


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