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DVTI supports the development of web development curricula to help our local workforce find technology jobs. 

Image by Safar Safarov

Tech training in the Diablo Valley

Every business these days needs to have a website, and frequently the website requirements extend beyond the capabilities of no-code website services like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace

When the out-of-the-box solutions won't cut it, website developers must turn to web programming languages like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Though they might seem intimidating at first, these technologies are actually user-friendly and have thriving communities of volunteers who provide documentation, technical support, and security patches. 

DVTI would like to see more residents in the Diablo Valley choose to learn web development technologies. The benefits to our residents are many:

  • High hourly rates and salaries

  • Choice between full-time employment and part-time freelancing

  • Remote work and flexible hours

  • Opportunity to specialize: front-end, back-end, database administration, or server maintenance

The web programming skill can unlock many doors. It can provide financial freedom. It can help entrepreneurs and business executives solve their own technical problems. It can give them opportunities to teach. The outcomes are endless, and if they have a computer and internet access, the foundations are free. 

The major web programming languages are open-source, meaning students don't need to pay a for a license to use them. They can download them for free, or in the case of most modern computers, find them pre-installed. The web frameworks built on top of the popular languages are also free. The software to make a computer act like a website server is free, as are the databases that help make a custom website usable.

Many people choose to spend four years of university studying the science of computers. However, it's also possible to spend two years or fewer at a community college to learn just what's need to be hired as a web programmer. DVTI encourages the second option: training for the purpose of professional advancement.


As such, a typical bootcamp curriculum should include:


  • A basic understanding of the Internet: DNS, URIs, IP addresses, HTTP, web hosts, browsers, and HTML

  • A thorough understanding of the model-view-controller (MVC) web app framework

  • A basic understanding of relational databases and SQL 

  • A basic understanding of CSS rules and framework options

  • A familiarity with localhost development environment options

  • And finally, an overview of the popular web development languages, namely Python, Ruby, and Javascript.

With this general outline in mind, which perhaps would comprise the first year of a program, the following year would dive into a specific language. The three languages each come with at least one leading web framework:

DVTI would like to see inexpensive, flexible training options for Diablo Valley residents to become professional web developers become widely available. 

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