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Allegiant Partners

For Profit

Walnut Creek, California, United States

Financial Services, Information Technology

Allegiant Partners Incorporated is to provide fast, flexible, and knowledge-based financing, sourcing and other equipment solutions for small businesses. Allegiant uses top human talent and technology to develop creative, mutually beneficial and profitable programs for businesses within targeted industries. Allegiant Partners was founded in 1998 by our CEO Chris Enbom. He sought out to create a lending source for small businesses that needed equipment financing but didn't want to experience the typical "red-tape" of more traditional lenders. Today, Allegiant has grown into an independent direct lender that has established an impeccable reputation for integrity. People who know and have done business with us will attest to the hard work, attention to the details of each transaction, and solid follow-through. Our customers have seen increased resources behind every facet of our business. In short this means better and faster service to our clients. Our team has already shown how innovation can make a difference. Our customers are feeling the impact of a company which attacks the small deals with as much vigor as the large. Plus, the competence and connections to handle all sizes of transactions smoothly and hassle-free.


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