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Bioscience Advisors, Inc. (Biosci) was founded in January 2011 as a consulting and database firm focused on biopharma alliances. Biosci's founder, Mark Edwards, has been involved in negotiating and analyzing biopharma alliances since the early days of the biotechnology era in the mid-1980s. Biosci's consulting practice consists of retained services on behalf of companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries concerning technology, compound discovery, development and commercialization agreements. We also provide expert testimony regarding reasonable royalty and custom and practice for agreements in the biopharma industries. We have developed a client database, BiosciDB, that we believe to be the most comprehensive, peer-reviewed reference database on biopharma alliances. We've combined a collection of 8,500 unredacted SEC-filed contracts, the majority of which come from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, with a never-before-seen system of tools, queries and crowd-sourcing. See these features and request a free trial at

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