Candi Controls

Lafayette, California, United States

Information Technology, Internet Services, Software

Candi Controls, Inc. (“Candi”) is an early stage Lafayette, California based company. Candi’s cloud-based service connects energy companies, telecoms, MSOs and manufacturers to the widest array of everyday devices in their customers’ homes and businesses. Today’s proliferation of affordable networked products, wireless access and mobile devices marks the beginning of a new era of distributed connectivity. But the web of networked “things” is also highly disaggregated. It is a maze of competing communications mechanisms, hardware platforms, device protocols, software languages and data formats. The Candi team is expert at bridging these technical differences. We make machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and multi-system integration transparent for businesses and their customers. We have decades of leadership experience with systems integration, award-winning user interfaces, innovative networked product design, building controls software, AMR and distributed data management. Candi Cloud Service and applications interconnect the Web of Things. Our API, Drivers and Interface Library link products, protocols and relevant data over the web. We enable competitive advantages and compelling interfaces to empower device control, monitoring, data acquisition and service, regardless of platform, protocol, environment or manufacturer. This allows businesses to extend their brand footprint, reach more devices, and offer more value to commercial and residential customers over the web. Candi’s target market is service providers in the energy and telecommunications/data industries, specifically utilities, telecoms, MSOs, and the systems integrators and manufacturers associated with those industries. Geographic targets are the Americas, Europe/UK and the Middle East, and developed Australasia.

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