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EcoloBlue, Inc

For Profit

Martinez, California, United States

Energy, Natural Resources, Sustainability

Since March 2007, EcoloBlue has been sustaining and supporting Water issues experienced worldwide, by suggesting EcoloBlue products, and accordingly providing environmentally conscious Water options to single family homes and offices, any business industry using large volume of potable Water, and in an emergency situation as a complete disaster relief solution. Co-Owners, Wayne Ferreira and Henri-James Tieleman, have focused towards generating Water from the air using efficient mechanical processes. They can successfully declare today, to be the world leader in generating Water from the air in large industrial volume of potable Water, using the least energy possible in generating Water, and most importantly, generating Water under 15C/59F and with less than 30% relative humidity, protected by an awarded US Patent 8,844,299. Since its inception, the company has grown its product line from a single home/office unit, to including today a full industrial line of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs), a fully contained emergency preparedness container, and an EcoloBlue Water Station. EcoloBlue’s atmospheric Water generators are state of the art AWGs, with a major emphasis on Water generation, energy reductions, and ease of use. The EcoloBlue range varies from up to 30L/8Gal a day for the home/office market, up to millions of liters/day in customizable Water Stations. There are worldwide regions affected by current Water crises. These range from Water contamination, lack of water due to main breaks, to complete Water shortages, which can all be resolved or sustained with EcoloBlue’s solutions. EcoloBlue, Inc. has distribution in 17 countries, and a customer base that spans worldwide. EcoloBlue is the leader in the home/office market with over 10,000 customers in the US alone, and in the production of industrial volume of potable Water in specific countries.


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