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Pleasant Hill, California, United States

Community and Lifestyle, Professional Services, Real Estate

HardHatCity is a professional networking site offering free, customized profiles (webpages) to members of the modern construction industry: consumers, contractors and tradespeople, professional service providers, suppliers, and employers. HardHatCity was created to fix what doesn't work. For industry professionals, it's the fact that traditional methods of obtaining new projects and clients are fundamentally unreliable, like paid online services that yield dead-end leads. And for industry consumers, it's knowing how or where to find a dependable industry professional, when consumer-based review sites just don't offer a full picture of a professional's background, skills, or reputation. HardHatCity offers dynamic networking tools—ranging from searchable profiles, projects, and job listings to expansive forums and blogs—members of these user groups can now easily develop a distinctive industry presence, connect with consumers and professionals alike, and thrive in the construction marketplace. These integrative solutions are designed to improve how people in the industry communicate with each other, offering limitless resources to build the relationships so essential to productivity, finding work, and getting work done.

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