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Walnut Creek, California, United States

Mobile, Software

Irynsoft is a software and services company that is focused on mobile and web technologies. In addition to software products, Irynsoft provides customer solutions and consulting services to small and large enterprises. Irynsoft is based in the Bay Area of California and was founded in 2008. Irynsoft's first released product was "Friend Atlas", which debuted on the Apple App Store in January 2009. Irynsoft has since shifted its focus to education products. The primary product is the Virt U mobile education platform. Irynsoft released the open courseware version of the platform for the iPhone. "Virt U: The Virtual University" reached the App Store in September 2009. Irynsoft's primary business is the provide a platform for educational institutions and companies to deliver content and social collaboration services on mobile devices. The platform (VIRT2GO) is an interactive mobile learning platform where you find and "attend" lectures & collaborate among a social network of peers, all within a rich smartphone interface. With VIRT2GO's portability & community, students overcome the biggest hurdles that impede online educational success: finding the time and finding the help.

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