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For Profit

Concord, California, United States

Education, Financial Services, Software

ProspectMatch provides extensive training as part of its lead generation program. This is necessary because there’s a significant number of people in financial sales that have inadequate sales skills or talents. This results in them blowing the value of the lead when they call the prospect and approach the prospect inappropriately. For example, the insurance agent gets a lead for prospect who requested a booklet on annuities. He then picks up the phone calls Mrs. Smith and says, “Mrs. Smith, I understand you want to buy an annuity.” Mrs. Smith is taken back as she has been approached with no finesse and inappropriately. This type of salesperson needs to be trained how to approach the prospect about the prospect’s agenda rather than the salesperson’s agenda. A big part of this training that ProspectMatch uses comes from the book Spin Selling. That book teaches the importance of asking questions rather than speaking. So we use the findings of that research to train the financial professional to call and ask a series of questions that ascertains the emotional motivations of the prospect. Once that motivation is clarified, the professional then has a hook in order to have the prospect take the next step, which is typically to schedule a meeting.

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