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Ritam Technologies

For Profit

Antioch, California, United States

Payments, Software

Ritam Technologies, LLC is celebrating over 35 years serving their industries with innovative products and services. In 1981, they began working with users to automate tedious billing and management functions and to provide tools that saved time updating customer records and tracking equipment. They have been building on this foundation from the very beginning, creating excellent management tools and building on the quality you find in every one of their Summit software products. Their beginnings can be traced to the beginning of the computer revolution in Silicon Valley in the early 1980's. they began developing Summit software in response to the needs of the long-term equipment rental business, being the first to introduce mapping software to their industries. 1997 and 1998 saw the rebirth of their product lines by completely re-writing their DOS® and early Windows® products from the ground up for Windows® 95 and 98. Evolutionary changes since then have kept up with new releases from Microsoft® of the Windows® operating system and Office product lines up through Windows® XP, Vista, Windows® 7, 8 and now Windows® 10 as well as Office XP through Office 2013 offerings. The Summit family of software products has also expanded from their basic offerings to include additional tools, some integrated, some providing a stand-alone functionality, for more comprehensive business management.


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