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The Glue Network

Lafayette, California, United States

Advertising, Community and Lifestyle, Internet Services, Media and Entertainment, Sales and Marketing

The Glue Network monetizes social media marketing for brands by tapping into consumers' passion to make a difference in the world. The web-based Glue platform allows marketers to easily create campaigns that turn their consumers into advocates for the brand on social media, delivering data and ROI. How it works: 1) Brands empower consumers or fans with marketing dollars to support the philanthropic projects of the consumers' choice. 2) The consumers browse nine categories of non-profit projects on the Glue site, through a rich, relevant, feel-the-dirt-under-your-fingernails user experience and choose a project to fund with the brand's dollars. 3) The consumers post notices to their social networks about the giving they and the brand have done together, delivering powerful peer recommendations. 4) The result is improved reputation and engagement with current and future consumers based upon a mutual desire for greater good. The company has developed and tested the platform, secured a breadth of blue-chip non-profit partners, acquired soft launch customers, and developed a pipeline of interested brands. Glue is raising a round of funding by July 2011 to finance platform enhancements, bringing technology in-house, and bringing the company to cash-flow positive.

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