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The Identity Theft Council

For Profit

Walnut Creek, California, United States

Community and Lifestyle, Government and Military

The Identity Theft Council is an award-winning non-profit community, creating a national network of local partnerships between law enforcement, the business community, and local volunteers to provide local and in-person support to identity theft victims, in the communities where they live. The council provides identity theft victims with long term support and recovery assistance in their local community and at the same time helping to reduce the incidence of identity theft by improving local awareness and education. The Identity Theft Council is based in Walnut Creek, C.A. The Council was created by nationally renowned security expert Neal O’Farrell, and is supported by numerous local and national organizations, including the National Council of Better Business Bureaus, the Identity Theft Assistance Center in Washington D.C., Elder Financial Protection Network, the Independent Community Bankers of America, the Online Trust Alliance, the Identity Theft Resource Center, and many others.


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